Here is a brief list of projects I've worked on over the past few years. Links are provided where available. Please see the rest of my portfolio for visual examples of my work. Subjects I am keenly interested in: children's media, animals, and lighthearted stories. If you think I'd be a good fit for your next project please reach out to me at


2020- Cat's Tarot Team, Artist for "Radiant Scales" (Knight of Earth)

2020- Illustrator for "Hiraeth: A Longing For Home" anthology

2019- Little Blackstone Sutdios Inc., Designer for "Tune Pops Musical Shorts"

2019- Designer, developer, and producer for "Stripes Ascending" pin and zine for conservation

2019- Little Blackstone Studios Inc., Designer for "Tiny Tukkins Project"

2019- BIG STUDIOS INC., Designer for "Saint Elizabeth Foundation Project"

2019- Axon Entertainment, Promotional Illustration Artist for "Quench"

2019- Illustrator for "Eeveeluzine" a Pokemon fan zine for charity

2018- Designer, developer, and producer for "Lil' Dragon" pin kickstarter

2017- Illustrator for "Spirit of the Samurai" a Samurai Jack fan zine for charity

2017- Illustrator for "Art of The Wild" a Zelda fan zine for charity

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