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"My Life with ADHD"

A series of comics I wrote about myself and my experience getting diagnosed with ADHD and what that means for me.


(webcomic on hiatus)

Zaltera is a story I keep finding myself coming back to. It's the name of the continent where our story takes place and the vast desert within. It’s a magical desert full of mystery and discontent, buried ruins, and buried secrets. What happened during the cataclysmic war 1,000 years ago? The desert may very well hide those answers for eternity. But as anyone would know: “History repeats itself.” Secrets must resurface if Zaltera wishes to survive.

"The Dragon & The Princess"

A 24 hour comic challenge. It tells the story of two good friends who find each other again.

"The Trickster"

A short Pokemon fan story created for the 'Tales of Tabira' storytelling group.

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